Saturday, December 11, 2010

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  • Tealight centerpiece.
    Tealight centerpiece.
    Lacecap hydrangeas are extremely versatile because of their dainty structure, which has the look of lace. Six or so lacecaps, combined with three or more white roses, create a striking centerpiece for a dinner table. Cut the stems to the desired length; then arrange the lacecaps in a circle in a shallow, clear glass bowl, with the roses at the outer ring. Use kenzan to keep the stems standing firm. Add water to the bowl so that the flowers will stay fresh (see Resources for other suggestions on preserving cut hydrangeas). Place the bowl in a taller and larger glass or crystal bowl. Add tealights (preferably the battery-operated variety) at the base between the two glass bowls for a twinkling effect.

    Fireplace Flowers

  • Fireplace arrangement.
    Fireplace arrangement.
    An eye-catching flower arrangement in front of the fireplace in the summer is simple to achieve with hydrangeas, which are at their best in the summer months. Invest in one or two tall glass vases, preferably in colors like light blue or pink to coordinate with the colors of most hydrangeas. Cut the flower stems a bit longer to fit the height of the vase. Arrange them in a circle within the vase, together with three or more white roses. Or arrange a selection of white, pink and blue lacecap and mophead hydrangeas together for a more colorful effect. Clear, tall glass vases work well too, especially for groups of colorful flowers.

    Arrangement Outdoors

  • Arrangement outdoors.
    Arrangement outdoors.
    For a garden party, make one or more posy arrangements in shallow, round clear glass or ceramic bowls. Use lacecap hydrangeas to encircle a selection of six or so pink and white roses. Cut all the flower stems shorter to a uniform length to suit the height of the bowl. Mophead hydrangeas work well, too, in place of the roses. Use pink mopheads at the center encircled by white lacecaps for a pleasing, pastel effect.

    Guest Posy

  • Guest Posy
    Guest Posy
    A posy arrangement of hydrangeas and roses also makes a pleasing welcome in a guest room or a guest bathroom. However, do not place roses or fresh flowers in a guest room or bathroom if the guest in question suffers from allergies. A single hydrangea or a pair of hydrangeas tied loosely together with net ribbon can add a touch of simple elegance placed in a basket of guest toiletries like packaged soap and toothpaste.

    Basket Arrangement

  • Blue mophead hydrangeas.
    Blue mophead hydrangeas.
    A basketful of hydrangeas makes a lovely gift for a birthday, an anniversary, a new baby (either pink or blue hydrangeas) or no particular occasion. In the case of hydrangeas, the larger the basket, the better. Roses are the most compatible flowers to partner with hydrangeas, but daisies and carnations are also suitable choices. Arrange a combination of flowers in all whites or all pinks, or create a rainbow basket with hydrangeas and other flowers in different colors. Tie a net bow or ribbon around the basket and add a small banner with a special message, or tie a couple of helium balloons to the basket handle for a whimsical effect